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Paranormal and Fantasy Book Sale

We’re excited to have joined a group sales promotion that’s running this weekend only. Our offering is Book I of the Irish Cycle Series, Stone of Destiny. As for the rest, I’ll let author Regina Welling give you the details.

“My author buddies and I have put together this supernatural collection of magically wonderful books for your reading pleasure.

Some are novels, some are collections, and some are a quick read, perfect for a sunny afternoon at the beach. Almost all have a woman on the cover, and you know what that means. Wait. Does that mean something? Probably not. Probably just a coincidence. But there are some great books here, and I’m looking forward to reading them myself.”

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Just in Time for the Holidays

We’re excited to announce David Miller’s NIGHT AT THE ALAMO, a Saito Izumi, Vampire Tale is part of this just released anthology of vampire short stories.

Short stories of and about vampires for those long winter nights… Past, present, future. Dark or light-themed. Bloodsuckers and psychic vampires. The only common trait is the night creatures – who sometimes can stand the sunlight – for a batch of stories around Earth and beyond.

This anthology is available for just $4.99 from all the major e-book retailers. Grab it by using one of the links below.


Our Latest Release

Drawn to the small town of Rocky Hill, New Mexico, Sarah Prentiss immediately finds herself in hot water with the local sheriff. But his problems are way bigger than the thin, six-foot-tall, half-Native-American woman dressed in biker leather and driving a black Ninja motorcycle.
In town to hunt down a two-headed, winged serpent that’s attacking the locals, Sarah and the sheriff soon find themselves contending with the local mechanic who’s actually a demon bent on homicide, a mysterious stranger stalking Sarah, and what just might be a genuine portal into Hell.
Yet, all that’s a walk in the park compared to what Sarah discovers at the end of the path, and the inescapable truth she learns about herself. Trust us, this isn’t your typical night in Rocky Hill, New Mexico.

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NOT romantic paranormal Halloween

This Halloween, dive into reading dozens of great paranormal books about vampires, shifters, ghosts, gargoyles – you name it – that are detectives, lost souls, the horror of the neighbourhood, local alcoholics…
Normal creatures that have more interesting things to do than banging or finding their mate.
What would YOU do with your free time if you were more than human?..

Grab them while they last, because these books will remain free only for one week!
24-31 October 2017


Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

New Bundle!


Look for it starting Friday from your favorite ebook retailer or grab this bundle.

10 entrancing novels directly from BundleRabbit


Faeries are an enduring fable. How do various authors portray them? Cute little pixies … tricky, but harmless? Lovely fairy godmothers … benevolent and wise? Or a beautiful, but deadly race older than humanity and approached at your peril?

Enter the realm of Fae with this bundle of ten fantasy novels and see how the fair folk have chosen to reveal themselves to each of our authors.