THROUGH THE AGESA Collection of Saito Izumi Vampire Tales

In this heart-wrenching collection you’ll find four terrifying tales from Saito Izumi’s centuries of existence–she doesn’t consider it living–that explore her personal and often dangerous journey to understand the blackest darkness of an inhuman soul, to discover what it truly means to live and not simply survive, and most of all, to learn if a vampire can triumph over evil and truly love again.

Available wherever print and e-books are sold.

STONE OF DESTINY – Book One of the Irish Cycle Series

If encountering a warrior woman on horseback, complete with chain mail, animal hides, and sword, while menacing a red-clad leprechaun in a top hat who’s carrying a magic lantern didn’t blow Sean Regan’s mind–a former police detective recently busted down to patrol–the giant, bloodthirsty, attacking vulture that disappeared into a gigantic puff of smoke certainly did.

Add to that a series of bizarre murders, those freaky October snow storms, a deadly search for an ancient artifact called Lia Fail that could determine the fate of this world–and Others–depending on who possesses it, and oh, yeah, the killing spree by what just might be a pesky vampire on the loose, or worse, all leave Regan’s grasp on reality tenuous at best.

Crap like that doesn’t happen in modern day Boston. Does it?

Available wherever print and e-books are sold.



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